As a church committed to transforming lives and fulfilling destinies, we believe that children should not be left out, so we have organized this special school for the children.

It is a session for kids in their own special space in the church, while adults enjoy the service uninterrupted in the auditorium. We believe that children also need to develop spiritually, hence a service pitched at their level, catering for their individual learning requirements.

There are 4 classes and children are split into the following age groups:

Genesis: 3-5 year olds,Heritage: 6&7 year olds,Shalom: 8-10 age olds and Revelation:11-13 year olds.

Our main objective is to nurture and support these children develop spiritually by building their relationship with God through systematic Biblical teachings each Sunday and other great programs such as annual worship rallies at the beginning of each year and a VBS (Vacation Bible School) in summer.

Children graduate at each 13 where they join Bridge, the youth department of the church, where the leaders continue to support them.

Children at TBC are offered this wonderful opportunity to benefit from this amazing blessing of fellowship with other Christian kids and the awesome teaching from very dedicated teachers.