Joint Prayer and Fasting – 23 July

Joint Prayer and Fasting - 23 July

Topic: Prayers for the Lord’s Church -(TBC)
Unto You l lift mine eyes. O You who dwell in the heavens. (Psalm123:1-2)

Key Scriptures:
Psalm 56:3-4; James 1:2-4; Psalm 42:11; Ps. 16:8, Job 23:8-10; Isa. 43:2.
Prayer Points: 1. Pray that God turns every daunting adversity into Godly triumph
2. Pray asking God to contend with every evil demonic attack against his beloved TBC.
3. Pray asking God to bless the work of every TBC member with his divine favour.


Theme for July Prayer & Fasting – RESTORATION
Main Scriptures: Joel 2:25 (NKJV) “I will restore to you the years”

1. Reduce your food intake – demonstrate self control and power over the flesh
2. Increase your water intake prior to and during the set time for fasting
3. Eat moderately during the daily breaks of fasting at the end of each day
4. Focus entirely on God (constant communication read the Word & confess the Word)
5. Develop an intimate relationship with God and deal with hurts immediately
6. Be strong and spiritually-minded throughout the fast
7. Don’t be pious – appear healthy and presentable.

Join us as we come together for Congregational prayers from 7:00 pm each night.
Health and Safety:
If you are on medication, consult your doctor. Pregnant or nursing mothers, Beware!


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