Returning To Your Heights of Glory:

Lord, Revive our heights of Glory

1. Breaking the spirit of Discouragement,

Ex 32:6-8, 15-19, Josh 1:9, 1 kings 9:1-4, Lk 7:18-22

Pray and Break/Destroy every;

  1. Pit of discouragement,
  2. Battle of discouragement,
  3. Spirit of frustration/anxiety/pain/bitterness,
  4. Spirit of discouragement orchestrated by family demonic altars,
  5. e. Source of discouragement in your life/family/marriage/relations,

2. Living by the mind of Christ
Phil 2:5, Col 3:2, 1 Cor 2:16, Heb 4:15

Pray that you will

a.Live by the mind of Christ,

b.Live by the example of Christ,

c.Handle situations like Christ,

d.Handle sufferings/disappointments/failures/pains/challenging moments like Christ,

e.Overcome hardships/discouragements like Christ,

f.Overcome every form of negativism like Christ,

g.Be bold/strong/courageous like Christ,

h.Win, conquer, and be victorious like Christ,

i.Be committed to God’s business/Word/Church like Christ,

j.Be committed to giving/Church attendance like Christ,


3. Discover what the Lord has said concerning you, and claim them,

Matt 21:22, 1 Thessa 5:24, Isaiah 55:10-11

Pray and 

a.Claim what the Lord has said concerning your life,

b.Activate every prophecy of the Lord concerning your life/family/marriage/ministry/Children/Business/Work,

c.Declare that, you will become what the Lord says you will be,

d.Activate into manifestation, every prophetic word concerning TBC,



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