The bridge is an exuberant community of young people at Trinity Baptist  Church (TBC), with a passion to pursue God in their youthful age. A people sold out  to Jesus Christ with their  spirit soul and body.The bridge also exist to make up for  that gap that  always exist between childhood and Adulthood, an age gap in which many young people get lost trying to figure their identity. 


Our vision is to be  an example of God fearing  young people to this generation,fulfil our purpose on earth and Deter  our friends from making bad choices in life and recover those who have made those bad choices  already,Titus 2:7,  1 Timothy 4:12 (NLT).


  • Half Nights.
  • Open mic.
  • Musical concerts.
  • Youth Week.
  • A Youths Day @ integrity Conference. 
  • Youth Retreats 
  • WOW Conference 
  • Boys 2 Men Camping
  • Skype Quiet Times and Bible Studies
  • Armed for College and University Minitry.


Friday Nights 7:30pm-9:30pm

  • Talking point

Sunday School 12noon- 1 :00pm

Sunday Youth Service 1:00pm- 300pm


We have a couple of departments, in order to get every young person involved and committed in the youths ministry, they are as follows:

The Royal Priesthood™

This is the department which builds our young boys in to in men through programs like Boys To Men, the men’s mentorship program in TBC and the what’s up community chat service.

Ladies Of Virtue™

Ladies of virtue is designed to meet the needs of our young women, through programs like  ” Into the world of a girl”, women of integrity mentorship program at TBC andthe what’s up community chat service.

Bridge Shepards

The Bridge Shepherd is a team of dedicated youth leaders who oversees the spiritual and administrative affairs of the youth ministry at TBC.

Hospitality Team

Our very kind and committed Hospitality team  is led by our beloved sisters Yvonne and Spendilove, they have as a desire to make your experience at The Bridge enjoyable and taking care of nutritionally.

A Thought from our youth pastor.

It is amazing to see how a nation (England),ones so entrenched in the things of God to the point that they were a major blessing to other nations, but due to the fog of the so called enlightenment and post modernity, has led them to lose their spiritual sensitive and dexterity.

Here is a thought, as the lad in scripture led Samson (Judge 16:26 NKJ) to help him take care of his enemies, I believe that  the young Generation in this country is  in God’s end time program  to lead the church in The UK into her  spiritual reawakening.

Pastor Godlove known to the youths as (PGL)

Get involved!